Hamoki's Dojo for Sumo Crime Fighters

I am a crime fighting Sumo wrestler from Hawaii named Hamoki. Along with Adam West at my side, I fight crime of all kinds. Hosted by Robert Vaughn and accompanied by the Searcher (Diedrich Bader), I was part of the greatest T.V. show ever made.. DANGER THEATER!!!!

Pictures of the stars: (from left to right; Adam West, Robert Vaughn and Deidrich Bader)

I, Al Hamoki, stared in a segment of the show called Tropical Punch, of which there were only 4 episodes. Whenever Adam West yelled "Get him Hamoki!" I sprung into action. Tropical Punch stared Adam West as Capt. Mike Morgan, Billy Morrissette as Det. Tom McCormick and Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as Det. Al Hamoki. The sad replacement for Tropical Punch, which drove the final nail in the show's coffin, was 357 Marina Del Rey and stared the nobodies Todd Field as Ray "Rake" Monroe and Ricky Harris as Clay Gentry.
I can also be seen as E. Honda in Street Fighter the movie.
I am portrayed by the great actor Peter Navy Tuiasosopo!

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