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Hi, I'm Big Dee.

This site was last updated on Wednesday, August 15, 2001.
So, it's been almost two years since I updated this site. I've been busy.
Since I've been gone, some of you guys out there have been disrepecting me and my site.
I put alot of hard work into building this site. I will be dropping email messages to those of you who have raped my site and not even gave me a link on your site. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
BTW, I have updated my links page. So check that out.

This is my tribute to the most powerful gamma-spanned male/female duo in the comic universe.

The Incredible Hulk & The Savage/Sensational She Hulk
To visit The Savage She Hulk Gallery, hit this.

To visit The Incredible Hulk Gallery, hit this.

I'm closing in on the 10,000 hit mark,
so I would like to thank everybody who has hit this site.
Even more so, those of you who have emailed me messages &/or images for this site.
If this is your first time here, ENJOY
Just check it out. Let me know what you think.

I'm finally adding a links page to this site.
People have been emailing me like crazy about doing an link exchange with me,
so now I have a place for ALL of my favorite sites.
So, just in case you don't know the routine, I help you out.
If you would like to do a link exchange, drop me a email at the same address above or below.


And again, you're welcome

Please send me an email and tell me how you found out about my site.
you can do that by clicking on the icon.

Tell them that 'BIG DEE' sent you.

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The Incredible Hulk and The Savage/Sensational She Hulk are both copyrighted characters of Marvel Comics

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