Dieter & Raghbir's
Latin American Adventure

- - - Not just an adventure, but an education! - - -

In December, 1994, we decided to travel to Central America in a Toyota LandCruiser. However, our first road trip ended with a horrific automobile accident near Cancun, Mexico. We recovered from this ordeal, found new jobs, and got married in September of 1996. For our honeymoon we decided to attempt another trip to Central America in a Toyota 4Runner. After traveling through Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, our second road trip ended abruptly when our vehicle was stolen in Antigua, Guatemala.

Driving through Central America and South America had been our goal for several years. In spite of our failed attempts in 1994 and 1996, we decided to attempt this road trip one more time. In April, 1997, we purchased a stolen 1988 Toyota 4Runner from the State of Colorado and spent several months outfitting and securing our "assault vehicle." Raghbir received a leave of absence from Storm Control Systems, and Dieter resigned his position from Lockheed Martin Federal Systems. For more information on our latin american adventure, view the trip overview and trip reports and photos for each country visited.

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End of the road in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

End of the road in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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