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The project I work on is the T-45TS Goshawk:

The T-45TS is the first integrated training system in aviation history that combines the design of the aircraft with academics and flight simulators upfront. Past trainers had the academics and flight trainers designed long after the aircraft was operational in the fleet. By doing the design of all three concurrently, the student sees minimal differences between the initial ground computer academics, flight simulator, and the aircraft itself.

Our pride and joy is the T-45C, the newest version of the T-45 which incorporates a "glass cockpit." The glass cockpit mirrors the F/A-18 and other frontline Navy fighter aircraft by using cathode ray tubes (CRTs, or glass screens/LCDs) instead of traditional dials and gauges to present flight and weapons information.

The King of Jumbos before widebodies arrived:

Douglas DC-8 Super 63

In 27 BC, Augustus Caesar introduced the Pax Romana, the only 200 year period of continuous peace in human history.

Photo courtesy of and Copyright 1995 Justin D. Paola.

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