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Weather references                                                                                      to the top
                                                                                                                                               [f-n]    [o-z]
Alaska Polar Weather links - University of Alaska, Fairbanks
American Meteorological Society - AMS
Antarctic Meteorology Research Center - Crary Science and Engineering Center at McMurdo Station
Antarctic weather ob - Mawson station
Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters - Chronological list of U.S. billion dollar events, 1980-2000.
Beaufort Wind Scale - Developed in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort
Beaufort Wind Scale visuals - [0]  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10]  [11]
Central Pacific Hurricane Center - National Weather Service Honolulu Forecast Office
Climatic Data Archive - Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO)
Climate Data Center - NOAA
Climate Outlooks - outlooks by continent, El Nino forecast
COMET - Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies - CIMSS
Current Marine Data/Observations - world-wide ship observation plots
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program - DMSP
Earth viewer - graphic depicting daylight/darkness
El Niño - [COAPS: El Niño Resource Center]  [CPC/NCEP: Latest Advisory]  [NOAA: El Niño]
El Niño - [ENSO]  [UH: NWS San Francisco: Pacific ENSO Applications Center]  [UIUC: Online guide]
FAQs - sci.geo.meteorology FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Federal Meteorological Handbook - (FMH) Number 1, December 1995
FEMA - Tropical Storm and Hurricane Watch Information and Preparedness Material
Flood graphics [Flood risk] [Flood threat] - U.S. coverage, 24 hour outlook
Global Hydrology and Climate Center - studying the global water cycle and its effect on weather and climate
Heat Index - with heat disorder table                                                                                      to the top
How the Weather works - "...providing high quality educational weather services"                   [a-e]    [o-z]
Hurricane Hunters - The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tropical Cyclones - FAQs
Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tropical Cyclones - University of Hawaii [Track Archives]  [Yearly Summaries]
Interactive Marine Observations - regional buoy or CMAN station data
Japan IMOC non-English site - [JMH fax]  [Weather element]  [Radar]  [Typhoon]  [Seas]
Japan weather - [Asia MRF] [cities wx] [country map] [JWA] [Kanto, Outlook] [Kanto 24] [Kanto 7 day] [links]
Japan weather - [Okinawa] [TBS] [Tokyo] [Tokyo 2] [Yokohama] [Yokosuka ASOS] [Yokota]
Joint Typhoon Warning Center- JTWC, latest typhoon/tropical storm tracks for westpac and the Indian Ocean
Korea weather - [Korea 2 day, ob map AFWIN login/password required] [Kunsan 5 day] [Osan 5 day, Osan ob] [Seoul 2 day, Seoul outlook]
Largest Weather Links page in the World - UMass Lowell
Local Times around the World - attempts to list all of the world's countries, and many of its islands, with a pointer to the local time in the region.
Marine Navigation Calculator
Marine Observing Systems Team - [text only] remotely-sensed data received from operational and research satellites
Marine Prediction Center - The primary responsibility is the issuance of marine warnings, forecasts, and guidance in text and graphical format for maritime users.
Measurements Converter - converts weight, length, area, speed, pressure, temp, time, volume, etc.
Meteorological Station Information Lookup - NOAA searchable database for world-wide WMO reporting stations
Mt. Fuji weather information
National Data Buoy Center - NDBC, moored buoy, C-MAN, and drifting buoy data are available in real-time.
National Geophysical Data Center - (NGDC) NOAA
National Hurricane Center - [text only] Tropical Prediction Center
National Severe Storms Laboratory - Norman Oklahoma
National Weather Service - [Guam, Tiyan]  [Honolulu, HI]  [Pacific Region Hdqtrs]
NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research
NOAA - (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) [NOAA web sites]
NOAA Management Information - job openings, career opportunities, NOAA organization
NOAAServer: Search Form - [no tables]
Northeastern U.S. Weather
Online Guide, Archived case studies - Hurricane Andrew, April 19th Tornado Outbreak, SuperStorm '93
Online Guide, Meteorology - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (World Weather 2010)
Online Guide, Remote Sensing - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (World Weather 2010)
Operational Significant Event Imagery - high-resolution, detailed imagery of significant environmental events
Penn State Meteorology - [weather info]
Phonetic Pronunciation of Tropical Cyclones - Pronunciation and meaning of the new 2000 western Pacific tropical cyclone names [table]
QuikSCAT - [archive] near real-time data collected by NASA/JPL's SeaWinds Scatterometer aboard the QuikSCAT
Real Time Weather Data - charts, models, aviation wx, ltst satellite, upper air, etc
Sea State Chart
Severe Weather in the Netherlands
Ski weather - [Ski resorts]  [Ski weather]
Space Science and Engineering Center - (SSEC) University of Wisconsin-Madison [text only]
Storm Prediction Center - NOAA/NWS/NCEP
Storm Surf - Global Surf Forecasts for Expert Surfers [Pacific hotlinks]
Tornado - [Tornado FAQ]  [Tornado Project Online]  [Tornado Safety]
Tropical Cyclone Center - Hong Kong
Tropical Cyclone Facts and Figures
Tropical Cyclone page - NRL Monterey
Tropical Storm Tracks - global tropical cyclone track plots (updated every 6hrs @ 0330, 0930, 1530, 2130 zulu)
Typhoon, 18 December 1944 - [Nimitz' Confidential letter] [action reports] [losses aircraft, personnel] [ship list] [oral history] [Third Fleet typhoon]
Typhoon Havens Handbook - When faced with an approaching tropical cyclone, a timely decision regarding the necessity and method of evasion must be reached.
United States Naval Observatory - Washington D.C.
United States Weather Pages
University of Hawaii - Weather Server [text only]                                                                     to the top
Weather Information Superhighway                                                                                         [a-e]     [f-n]
Weather Net
WeatherZone - Australia weather resource
Wetter, Wolken, Klima - Weather, Clouds, Climate [translate with AltaVista's babel fish]
Wind chill chart
World Climate - contains over 85,000 records of world climate data (historical weather averages).
World Weather - Intellicast
World Weather Links
World-wide Current Weather - NOAA searchable form for METAR observations. Search by country, reporting station
WWW Virtual Library on Oceanography

Weather Phenomena

Aurora Page - auroral substorms, magnetospheric solar winds, aurora australis & aurora borealis
Ball lightning
Green Flash - [A Green Flash] [Bishop Museum] [Scientific American] [The Green Flash] [Young's Sunsets]
Heavy seas - [Abeille Flandre] [Bennington] [Cowpens roll  _] [Hassayampa  _] [heavy seas] [Hornet damage] [John S. McCain] [JFK]
Heavy seas - [Pittsburgh  _] [port breaker] [rouge wave] [rough seas] [Sample  2  3  _] [Valley Forge damage] [Vogelgesang  _] [Ticonderoga]
Light and Optics - crepuscular rays, sundogs, sun pillars, halos, rainbows, silver lining along the edge of clouds, etc.
Lightning between Earth and Space - Scientific American Article 8/97
Lowdown on Lightning
Meteorological Phenomena - Circumzenithal Arcs, Parhelias, Glories, Iridescent Clouds etc.
Morning Glory - of the Gulf of Carpentaria, a spectacular propagating roll cloud
Red Sprites and Blue Jets - Red sprites, believed to be produced by discharges from the top of thunder clouds, often about 10kms high
Sprites - Sprites, Q-Bursts and Positive Ground Strokes
Sprites - Upper Atmospheric Optical Flashes Excited by Thunderstorms

International Meteorology                                                                             to the top
[* = non-English site]                                                                                                              [f-o]    [p-z]

Algeria - * Office National de la Météorologie
Antarctica online
Argentina - * Servicio Meteorológico Nacional
Australia - Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology
Austria - * Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG)
Azerbaijan - Hydrometeorological Committee
Barbados - Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology
Belgium - Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI)
Bermuda - weather
Brazil - Center for Weather Forecasts and Climate studies
Brunei - Meteorological Service
Buenos Aires - * Departamento de la Atmósfera
Bulgaria - National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Canada - [Atmospheric Environmental Service] [Meteorological Service of Canada]
Chile - * Direccion Meteorologica de Chile
China - [China Meteorological Administration]  [Hong Kong Observatory]
Colombia - * Instituto de Hidrologia, Meteorologia
Costa Rica - * Instituto Meteorológico Nacional
Croatia - * [Marine Meteorological Service]  [Meteorological and Hydrological Service DHMZ]  [Zagreb gopher site]
Cuba - * Instituto de Meteorología de la República de Cuba
Czech Republic - * Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
Denmark - Danish Meteorological Institute - (DMI)
Egypt - Egyptian Meteorological Authority
England - [BBC Weather Center]  [Nottingham University]  [Royal Meteorological Society]
Fiji - Fiji Meteorological Service
Finland - Finnish Meteorological Institute
France - * METEO France - La Société Météorologique de France (SMF)
Germany - [Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremehaven]  [Deutscher Wetterdienst]  [Institute for Meteorology, Berlin]
Hungary - Meteorological Service, (OMSZ) Budapest
Iceland - Meteorological Office
India - Meteorological Department
Indonesia - Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika (BMG)
Isle of Man - Meteorology Department
Israel - Meteorological Service (IMS
Italy - [Institute of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences]  [Laboratory for Meteorology and Environmental Modeling]  [Meteo di sunba2 INFN Bari]
Japan - [Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)] [Japananese Weather Association (JWA)] [JWA * Japanese version]
Jersey - Meteorological Department
Korea - Korea Meteorological Administration
Latvia - * Hydrometeorological Agency
Lithuania - * Lietuvos hidrometeorologijos tarnyba                                                                   to the top
Macau - Meteorological & Geophysical Services                                                                    [a-e]     [p-z]
Macedonia - Republic Hydrometeorological Institute
Malaysia - Malaysian Meteorological Service
Mexico - * Servicio Meteorologico Nacional (SMN)
Netherlands - * Meteorological Institute - KNMI, weather, climate and seismology
New Zealand - Meteorological Service of New Zealand
Norway - [Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo]  [Norwegian Meteorological Institute]
Oman - Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (DGCAM)
Pakistan - Meteorological Department
Paraguay - * Dirección de Meteorología e Hidrología del
Peru - * Meteorologia e Hidrologia en el Peru
Philippines - PAGASA Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration
Poland - * IMGW
Portugal - * Instituto de Meteorologia
Romania - * National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Russia - Weather server
Samoa - Local Weather Service, Samoa Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Fisheries & Meteorology
Saudi Arabia - Meteorological Service
Seychelles - Meteorological Services
Singapore - Meteorological Service
Slovakia - Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute
Slovenia - * Hydrometeorological Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana
Soloman Islands - Meteorological Service
Spain - * National Institute of Meteorology
Swaziland - Swaziland Meteorological Service
Sweden - Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)
Switzerland - SMI-MeteoSwiss
Taiwan - Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan [some English]
Thailand - Meteorological Department
Turkey - * Devlet Meteoroloji İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü Web Sitesi
United States of America - National Weather Service (NWS)
Uruguay - * Servicio de Oceanografía, Hidrografíay
Venezuela - * Ministerio del Ambiente y de los Recursos Naturales Renovables                        to the top
Vienna - Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics                                                                   [a-e]     [f-o]
World Meteorological Organization - (WMO), a specialized agency of the UN - Geneva, Switzerland
Yugoslavia - Federal Hydrometeorological Institute
Zimbabwe - Department of Meteorological Services

Meteorological Satellite information
                                                                                                                                               to the top
[GMS]  [GOES 8]  [GOES 9]  [METEOSAT]  [mosaics]  [radar sites, misc]

satellite web sites

Geostationary Satellite Imagery - Dundee Satellite Receiving Station (DSRS), Dundee University, UK
Geostationary Satellite Server - NOAA
GOES Project Science
GOES realtime - precipitable water, lifted index, cloud top pressure, sea surface temperature, etc.
International Weather Satellite Imagery Center
NOAA/NESDIS/ORA - Forecast Products Development Team - GOES, polar orbiting, rainfall & ocean products
Naval Research Laboratory - Monterey, Satellite Meteorology
Real Time Satellite Images - from the Wetter, Wolken, Klima site (in English), extensive world-wide met-sat coverage
Satellite Training sites - maintained by NRL Monterey
Weather Satellite Imagery on the Internet
WWW Virtual Library on Remotes Sensing

satellite pics

Feng-Yun-2 - latest IR [large pic] [index]
forecast satellite pic - U.S. 24 hours
GMS 5 - from NPMOC Pearl Harbor, [a]  [b]  [c]  [d]
GMS 5 - mercator, IR, CIMSS-SSEC
GMS 5 - mercator, IR, upper winds overlaid, CIMSS-SSEC
GMS 5 - mercator, WV, CIMSS-SSEC
GMS 5 - mercator, WV, upper winds overlaid, CIMSS-SSEC
GMS 5 - western Pacific full disk, IR, U of Tokyo
GOES 8 - central U.S., IR, every 30 minutes
GOES 8 - central U.S., VIS, every 30 minutes
GOES 8 - central U.S., WV, every 30 minutes
GOES 8 - full disk, IR, once daily
GOES 8 - full disk, VIS, once daily
GOES 9 - NE Pacific, IR, every 30 minutes
GOES 9 - NE Pacific, VIS, every 30 minutes                                                            back to MET sat info
GOES 9 - NE Pacific, WV, every 30 minutes                                                                          to the top
GOES 9 - western hemi full disc, VIS, once daily
GOES 9 - western hemi full disc, IR, once daily
INSAT IR - India sat
INSAT VIS - India sat
Meteosat 5 - INDOEX, latest full disk IR
Meteosat 5 - INDOEX, latest full disk VIS
Meteosat 7 - Europe, IR
Meteosat 7 - Europe, VIS
Meteosat 7 - Europe, WV
Meteosat 7 - Europe, slideshow - no java (24hour D2 sat loop)
Meteosat 7 - full disk, IR
Meteosat 7 - full disk, VIS
Meteosat 7 - full disk, WV
Meteosat 7 - Middle East, IR
Meteosat 7 - Middle East, VIS
Meteosat 7 - Middle East, WV
Mosaic- west mercator, IR, Asia east to U.S., CIMSS-SSEC
Mosaic - east mercator, IR, U.S. east to India, CIMSS-SSEC
Mosaic - west mercator, WV, Asia east to U.S., CIMSS-SSEC
Mosaic - east mercator, WV, U.S. east to India, CIMSS-SSEC
U.S. IR - with sfc plots, isobar anal
World composite - color IR
World composite - composite of GOES, Meteosat, and GMS - every 3 hours
World composite - mercator, IR color (Intellicast)

radar sites, misc

Altimetry wave height viewer - from NAVO                                                              back to MET sat info
Australia radar - The Weather Company                                                                                to the top
Japan ODN radar
Japan radar [Honshu] [Okinawa]
Japan radar [Index] [Hokkaido] [Northern Honshu] [Kanto] [Southwest Honshu] [Shikoku] [Kyushu] [Okinawa]
Korea radar
Nexrad imagery - Live U.S. coverage, city by city
Singapore radar
U.S. radar summary

Experimental multi-spectral images

Brightness temp difference - used to distinguish thin cirrus
Shortwave IR reflectance - used to distinguish liquid water from ice clouds
Shortwave, Longwave IR - also useful to distinguish water from ice
Supercooled water cloud - possible aircraft icing areas in blue

Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC)                                                                                   to the top
Commander Naval METOC Command - Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Fleet Numerical METOC Center - Monterey, California
Fleet Numerical METOC Detachment - Asheville, North Carolina
Fleet Numerical METOC Detachment - Tinker, Oklahoma
Joint METOC Tactical Applications Course - JMTAC, PAC (San Diego, California) and LANT (Norfolk, Virginia)
METOC Systems Knowledge Center - San Diego, California
National Imagery and Mapping Agency - Bethesda, Maryland
Naval Atlantic METOC Center - Norfolk, Virginia [text only]
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Brunswick, Maine
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Keflavick, Iceland
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Key West, Florida
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Mayport, Florida
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Oceana, Virginia
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Patuxent River, Maryland
Naval Atlantic METOC Detachment - Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
Naval Atlantic METOC Facility - Jacksonville, Florida
Naval Atlantic METOC Facility Component - Kings Bay, Georgia
Naval Atlantic METOC Facility Component - New London, Connecticut
Naval Central METOC Detachment - Diego Garcia BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory)
Naval European METOC Center - Rota, Spain
Naval European METOC Detachment - Sigonella, Italy [text only]
Naval European METOC Detachment - Souda Bay, Greece
Naval European METOC Facility - Naples, Italy
Naval/National Ice Center - Suitland, Maryland
Naval METOC Professional Development Center - Gulfport, Mississippi [no frames]
Naval Oceanographic Office - Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Naval Oceanographic Office Status of METOC Training - Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Naval Pacific METOC Center/JTWC - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Naval Pacific METOC Center - San Diego, California
Naval Pacific METOC Center - Yokosuka, Japan
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - Atsugi, Japan
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - El Centro, California
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - Fallon, Nevada
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - Kadena, Japan                                                                 to the top
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - Lemoore, California                                                                  metoc
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - Misawa, Japan
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - Point Mugu, California
Naval Pacific METOC Detachment - Sasebo, Japan
Naval Pacific METOC Facility Component - Bangor, Washington
Naval Pacific METOC Facility - Whidbey Island, Washington
Naval Postgraduate School METOC - Monterey, California
Naval Research Laboratory - Monterey, California
Naval Research Laboratory - Stennis Space Center, Mississippi
Naval Technical Training Unit - Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, AG A and C schools
Naval Training METOC Detachment - Corpus Christi, Texas
Naval Training METOC Detachment - Fort Worth, Texas
Naval Training METOC Detachment - Kingsville, Texas
Naval Training METOC Detachment - Meridian, Mississippi
Naval Training METOC Detachment - New Orleans, Louisiana
Naval Training METOC Detachment - Newport, Rhode Island
Naval Training METOC Detachment - Whiting Field, Florida
Naval Training METOC Detachment - Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Naval Training METOC Facility - Pensacola, Florida
Oceanographer of the Navy - Washington D.C.
Space and Naval Warfare Systems PMW-185 - San Diego, California

U.S. Marine Corps Weather

III MEF - Okinawa, Japan

Air Force Weather

51OSS Weather Flight - Osan AB, Korea
607th Weather Squadron - Yongsan, Seoul, Korea
7th AF Weather - Osan AB, Seoul, Korea
8OSS Weather Flight - Kunsan, Korea
Andersen Base Weather Station - Guam
Camp Humphreys' Weather - DET 2 607th WS, Korea
Camp Red Cloud, 2ID Weather - DET 1 607th WS, Korea
Combat Climatology Center - Asheville, North Carolina
Kunsan Combat Weather Team - Korea
Yokota Air Base Weather - Japan

AG (Aerographer's Mate) Goat Locker
                                                                                                                                               to the top
AGCM Fred Baillie, USN Retired, Goat Locker CMC
AGCM Roger LaBrie, USN Retired
AGCS Larry Ingram, USN Retired
AGC Ron Work, USN Retired
AGCS(AW/SW) Rusty Eichblatt, USN
AGC Walt Stanczyc, USN Retired
AGC Bruce Wauters, USN Retired
AGC(AW/SW) Dennis Thatcher, USN Retired
AGC(SW) Christopher Cox, USN
AGC Lynn Storton, USNR
AGC Mahlon Trenz, USN Retired
AGC Mike Williams, USN
AGC(AW/SW) Brian Wells, USN
Naval Weather Service Association
                                                                                                                                               to the top

Cloud Atlas

As seen from aircraft
Clouds and Precipitation - online meteorology guide
Cloud Boutique - Plymouth State College
Cloud identification - 27 states of the sky [low] [mid] [high]
Cloud images - from HMS employees
Etages: [low] [mid] [high]
Houze's Cloud Atlas
Karlsruher Wolkenatlas - Karlsruher Cloud Atlas, German site [translate with AltaVista's babel fish]
Misc - partial solar eclipse
Mixed pictures
Nacreous Clouds - mother of pearl clouds
Nacreous Clouds - Manchester Astronomical Society
Noctilucent clouds - [Noctilucent Clouds] [Noctilucent Cloud links, links 2] [Noctilucent Cloud observer's homepage] [Noctilucent Cloud Pictures]

Weather Cams
                                                                                                                                               to the top
Antarctica - Mawson station
Berlin - Live Kamera
Fairbanks Alaska - Bureau of Land Management's Northern Field Office
Japan  [English version]
Jerusalem - Window on the Western Wall
Maui weather cams
Moscow weather cam
Mt Fuji
Wellington Cam, New Zealand

Cam Links

Leanard's Cam World
Live Weather and Tower Cams
WebCam Central
World Map of WWW cameras
World Weather Links to weather cam sites

USA Today weather, selected cities w/5 day forecast                                                                          to the top

Asia & Middle East
Australia and South Pacific
Caribbean & Bahamas
Central & South America
Europe and North Africa
United States - CONUS cities, Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico

Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano
                                                                                                                                              to the top

Current Eruptions in Japan
Earth and Environmental Science - USGS earthquake references
Earthquake Information - recent global events [Near Realtime Earthquake list]
National Earthquake Information Center - Earthquake Information for the World
Global Seismic monitor
Global Volcanism Program - Smithsonian Institution
Surfing the Internet for earthquake data - global references, extensive compilation
Tsunami! - Scientific American Feature Article May 1999
Tsunami Information Resource
Tsunami recent event messages - [Hawaii]  [Japan]  [Hong Kong]  [Sakhalin]  [West Coast US and Alaska]
Tsunami safety - American Red Cross Disaster Services
Tsunami sites
Tsunami slides - Natural Hazards Slides Vol. 3
Tsunami story - Hawaii, 1 April 1946
Tsunami Warning Center - West Coast and Alaska
Volcanoes - Michigan Technological University
Volcano Research Center
Volcano WWW
Volcanological Society of Japan

Bad Science
                                                                                                                                              to the top
Bad Astronomy
Bad Astronomy - [Bad Coriolis]  [Bad Seasons]  [Biggest and Brightest Moon? 20 Dec 1999]  [Moon Illusion]  [Stand an egg]
Bad Meteorology - "...about intellectual disasters, not weather disasters"
Bad Science - "Be very, very careful what you put into that head, because you will never, ever get it out"
Bite Sized Astronomy
Kids Astronomy
Recurring Science Misconceptions - includes the truth about Ben Franklin's kite

"Some are weatherwise, some are otherwise." Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack 1732.  The Weather Guesser site is dedicated to the men and women of the U.S. Navy METOC world.  Aerographer's Mates (AG) provide to the warfighter weather observations and forecasts, oceanographic information, and environmental impacts while stationed at sea and around the world.

"To escape criticism -- 
do nothing, say nothing, be nothing."  
                          -- Elbert Hubbard
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Yokosuka, Japan
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updated 11 September 2001
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