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Be sure to visit Nancy's Teacher Resources and Kid Links to find great resources for both teachers and parents! Nancy's Recipe Page has many of our family's favorite recipes, including the recipes for Nancy's famous Christmas cookie collection. For all things Christmas including words to carols, Christmas website links, and links to Eastern European Christmas celebrations, visit Nancy's Christmas Page. As founding members of the Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Mission in Upper Montgomery County, Jeff and I would like you to learn about our church here.

All about us:

Jeff, originally from Taylor, PA, is a police officer with Metro Transit Police in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of Penn State University (1983), and is an avid Penn State football fan.

Nancy, a native of suburban Washington, DC, is a graduate of Woodward High School (1982) and the University of Maryland (1986). She teaches second grade for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. In her few minutes of spare time, she enjoys reading mysteries, baking, and surfing the net.

Christina is nine years old and in fourth grade at Fallsmead Elementary. She enjoys playing with her American Girls dolls, reading, and creating art projects. She and her mom are putting together her webpage here.

Nicholas is a four year old preschooler. He likes playing with his cars and trucks, watching TV, and causing mild chaos in the house. He is also the ultimate Scooby Doo fan.

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