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Hi! My name is Katherine Are and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a secretary for the Development Review Section of Baltimore County's Office of Planning and consider myself to be one of those lucky people who happen to love their job. There are so many wonderful people in our office, interesting projects, and challenges, I feel very fortunate to be involved.

I'm a mom to three very wonderful kids. Justin is 19 and an operations manager of a fast food restaurant here in Maryland and is the youngest manager of the region. Heather is 16 now and even though we occasionally butt heads, (don't all moms and daughters?), we still manage to have fun doing things together most of the time. She is an excellent horseback riding partner. Lastly there is the "wild child" himself, Tyler who is 5. An endless source of fun and energy. Diagnosed with having a developmental disability, it's being slowly learned this may have been due to chronic ear infections and hearing loss. He's come a long way after having being put into a special school directed at learning disabled children, speech therapy, and having tubes placed in his ears. After this occured, he was totally surprised at hearing sounds he never had heard before. What's that??? he would ask. And it would be something as simple as birds chirping or crickets singing at night. Things we often take for granted he was amazed at hearing for the first time.

I love horses reading, music, cooking, surfing the `net, and writing. I have found that writing poetry is good for mind and soul. Words, feelings and thoughts make a connection somewhere in one's inner spirit and flow from the pen communicating one's life journey reflecting roads behind us as well as those that lie ahead. In my poetry, I strive to celebrate as well as commemorate those things which make us human. There is nothing better for the soul then painting a picture in one's mind with pen and paper which speaks directly to the heart.

My poetry has been published in two anthologies which have been released by the National Library of Poetry. These books are entitled "Portraits of Life" and "Essence of a Dream". I was nominated as Poet of the Year in 1996 being presented with an Editor's Choice Award. Following are samples of some of my poetry which have been published.

My Own Way Back To Me

One day is seems not long ago, we made a vow our love would grow

We pledeged our lives through eternity, but now let go of fantasies

Some days we feel like strangers, never knowing what to say

Somewhere upon life's journey, we've become lost along the way

But just for now stand tall, be strong and face reality

It's time to say good-bye and try to find my own way back to me

Lets remember all the good times that will leave us with a smile

Yesterday is ending, but we've traveled many miles

No need to find an answer, no need to place the blame

A spark that's just an ember won't change into a flame

But now let's try to figure out what all there is to be

Now while I'm out there finding, my own way back to me

In all our years together, I never once believed

Time would change the both of us, we've changed so drastically

Perhaps one day our paths will cross, again we'll fall in love

But just for now I ask you, be my friend, my only destiny

Until at least I find my own way back to me

Epoch Summer Sky

In the hour twilight's past, I see before me dawn at last

Casting back at midnight's birth, the sun awakes the earth

A new heart beats, the morning greets

an epoch summer sky

Billowing waves crash in from sea, I stand before sililoquy

Melody echoes, the surf dancing in, the concert soon begins

Now touch the wind and take up flight, arise a symphony

As whales are singing, gulls are crying, your hand I hold in mine

Suddenly I see

an epoch summer sky

Sailing over dreary morns, leave behind the misty storms

Capture sight of rainbow hues. Catch the sun on canvas blue

Answers seen with magic eyes, this wonderous revelation

A portrait etched by changing tides and soft sweet lullabies

Suddenly I feel

an epoch summer sky

Come gather all your courage, fly fast, fly free, fly far

Embrace with all your passion each brightly shining star

Here only for a moment but blessed eternally

We've traveled to a time and place. Paintbrushed memories

And with our hearts and souls adrift, we're given one last gift

A work of art that's been complete, this brand new masterpiece I've suddenly discovered I've touched the epoch summer sky.

He Waits For Me

In Spring my unicorn will come for me bringing with him the solitude of an angel

I see him bounding from the trees in the forest with hooves pounding and heart thundering

Until he suddenly stops and tilts his head as if he has heard a distang trumpet play

He shakes his mane as if nothing will stop the firey passion within him

Within a glance and all too soon he takes off again and I see his golden horn glisten

I call out wait for me and he suddenly halts his powerful but effortless step

With his silver hooves gleaming, he slowly turns and walks through a wildflower patch to meet me

And looks at me with the wisdom and strength of his intelligent eyes

He slowly bends his silver head to drink from a lake the sun has cast a thousand diamonds upon, and in an instant a moment is captured of knowing my unicorn has come for me at last

I'll climb up onto his glimmering back and ride forever knowing time has gone by so fast

Leaving behind hazy meadows and gray shadowed stone hollows

Riding into the light the world grows increasingly distant and dim

But now the knowledge of one so great and dear, has encumbered

our souls and minds with thoughts not to fear

For now I know why my unicorn has come to be

He's been there always, forever, his spirit running free

Listening for that distant melody

He waits for me...

He waits for me

Thanks for visiting my little place on the 'net. In the future I hope to be updating, expanding and adding to this site. If you have any suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite sites on the `net. Have fun surfin' and drop me a line sometime..

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