On this web site you will find information about the reunion on July 17-18, 1999.
We had a lot of fun. Watch for new pictures of the reunion coming soon!

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We have had a huge response to the T-Shirts. We purchased 100 T-Shirts and they
were sold very quickly. There are quite a few people who would still like to purchase a T-Shirt.
We will be ordering more T-Shirts. If you would like a T-Shirt please send me E-Mail indicating
the size you would like - adult small, med, large, XL XXL, XXXL or childs sizes.

We will purchase the exact amount of shirts and sizes that we get requests for. If we can get another order
of 100 T-Shirts, the price ($10.00) will remain the same. XXL and XXXL sizes slightly more.
I will waiting to see if we get enough requests. At that time I will E-Mail you to
let you know to send in your checks.

E-Mail Your Request here!

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