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We humans have been showered with numerous gifts by nature.See and explore these bounties of nature at my gallery.

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  • This is a glimpse of what nature has to offer us. Let these things not become things of past available only through pictures of this era. Let us all conserve nature. Conservation efforts can only be carried out by those who realize that imbalance has been created in nature by man's greed which has been the root cause of exploitation of resources.If steps for conservation are not taken now it may be too late. They may be lost forever in the sands of time. Then we may be left with no option but to regret our own actions. Let this not happen. Let us all unite our efforts. Let us all spur people into action, and generate public opinion in this regard. Let the representatives of the people know of your love for nature and its conservation. Only public opinion can help save the EARTH for our future generations.

    Exploitation of nature will do no good. We are already experiencing the effects of global warming and weather patterns that are not explainable. Living in harmony with nature can help man achieve his goal of making this world a better place to live in. Effort to mitigate global warming are little drops and really slow. Let all the sane people of the world unite to save EARTH. Man may one day colonize MARS and other planets but EARTH would still remain home to mankind. The center of the human kingdom shall always be EARTH. Let this message not be forgotten once this page closes. Let us all contribute in our own little ways to this cause. Lets use energy efficient appliances, reusable materials, do car pooling or use public transports. I think you all will help me spread my message.

    -Vishal Batra

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