Object-Oriented Database Systems

Object-oriented database systems make up a comparatively small, but rapidly growing segment of the database market.

The ODMG Standard

The Object Database Management Group (ODMG) has agreed on a standard interface to the core features of object-oriented database systems.

The voting members of the ODMG are:


There are many different products available. For the most widely used products, you can find the vendor's name, address, homepage and e-mail address in my vendor list.


The OO7-Benchmark is currently the most widely used benchmark in this field. It generates 105 numbers for each measured system and gives some interesting clues about ODBMS performance in various access profiles.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison maintains an ftp server with a great deal of information on the OO7-Benchmark, including the complete specifications, several conference contributions, and implementations as well as results for E/Exodus, Objectivity, Ontos, and Versant.

Further Information

Our book on object-oriented database systems (currently available only in German) contains a lot of information on ODBMS. Please take a look at the table of contents.

Barry & Associates, Inc. provides facts on object database (ODBMS), object-relational database (ORDBMS), and object-relational mapping products through consulting, publishing, and education.

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