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Uhhh... Hi, I think. How did you get here? I'm guessing accident. I mean, how else would you get here? But whatever. Reasons are almost never important. Since you're here now anyway, I think I should warn you that simply by entering my page you've just signed your entire EXISTENCE over to me. Yes, that includes your little yapping Chihuahua named "Mr Fluff". Since I own you now, you might as well explore the realm of your master.

BTB, this site is made up primarily of lots of other sites I had lying around. So while each section should be pretty self-contained, as a unit the site lacks some consistency. I'm working on fixing it though.

Have Fun. That's an order.

I love CSS. Don't you? It gives you excellent control over your site. And you know what they say: Power corrupts and absolute power is even more fun! Since I like it, I use it. And since I use it, my page looks HORRIBLE without it. In fact, I don't even KNOW how it looks without CSS. So to really experience this page, you need CSS. Sorry.