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Welcome to The mIRC Paradise Home Page

Here you will be able to Download Scripts, BOTs, Add-ONs,... And ask any question related to mIRC Scripting, and even put your BOT, Script, or Add-On HERE !!

And you can BE one of my Scripts Testers.

What's New ?

  • Hey there! I'm back!! Sorry for the delay of the update, and that's because I was very busy working and studying. Sorry!

  • And now this HomePage will ALWAYS have new things, like a patch for mIRC Version replies, new tricks and tips about mIRC, they will all be in the ' KEWL STUFF' section, so if YOU have any Cool thing for mIRC, just send it to me by e-mail and I might put it here !!

  • I need links to Scripts/Bots/Add-ons/Help or anything related to mIRC, so please if you have any, go to the 'SEND' section and tell me about it!!

  • A new script has been added.

  • My success depends on you !!

  • This Page will be Updated every 2 or 3 days, so BOOKMARK IT and Check it Often !!

    What can you find here?

    Well in here you can find:

  • Scripts:
  • War-Scripts.
  • Protection Scripts.
  • Fun Scripts.
  • etc...

  • BOTs:
  • Paty-Lines
  • User Protection.
  • Channel Protection.
  • Game BOT.
  • etc...

  • Add-Ons:
  • Clones Detectors.
  • Flood Protection.
  • Random Color Generators.
  • Flooders.
  • etc...

  • Help Files:
  • FAQs.
  • Scripting help files.
  • BOTs help files.
  • Common mistakes.
  • etc...


  • Ask your Questions and get your Answer !
  • Put your Script/BOT/Add-on HERE !
  • Vote for the BEST Script !
  • Be a Scripts Tester!
  • Linkz.
  • Kewl Stuff

    Special Thankx Goes to
    BlenkHorn For giving me 80mb of FTP Space!!
    GeoCities For Hosting my HomePage, and giving me 5mb of Free Space!

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