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Welcome to my Domain.

I couldn't begin to tell you why this shit is here... as if you'll be cruising around the internet and then, all of a sudden... WHAM! You're consumed with the need to read about some guy, whom you've never met, in great detail... You'll say to yourself, "Damn, for some unknown and purely insane reason I give a damn about someone else's rantings... oh, and while I'm at it, I want to know where he's from and what his life is like."

So... This is old and boring... a lot of that has to do with the fact that i started this page when i was... um... 16 or something. it sucks being bored, and this filled the void between skipped classes. Let us bow our heads and thanks the powers that be for the glory of running start...

sometimes i wonder if there's some kind of standard i need to live up to, what with having a webpage of my very own. golly... i feel so connected to modern day living that i think i have a cable connection in my rectum. "I'm connected!"... to whatever there is to be connected to... i wonder where it ends.

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