Creativity on the Web Award

What makes a website creative? People are creative in different ways...some of us are creative with language, others are visually creative. Our award goes to those whose pages best reflect their individual brand of creativity. We do think, since the web is a visual medium, that pages should show some attempt to be appealing to the eye...and a beautifully designed page with fast loading, suitable graphics, probably has the best chance. But we do take into consideration that not everyone is an artist, and if you have something interesting to say...or if we especially enjoy your sense of humor...your page also stands a good chance.

Thanks to advances in web technology designers and novices have at their hands myriad tools to create impressive websites. But, ever heard of too much of a good thing? Pages that take forever to load because of huge graphics files, or rely too heavily on gimmicks like animation, java, and javascript annoy us. Busy backgrounds almost always rub us the wrong way, as do frames used in other than the most efficient way. And if we can't read the text you lose us immediately. We love white backgrounds...they have a very clean feel.

You'll find among the list of winners those whose sites are stronger in overall design and appearance, and others that have been awarded primarily due to creative content. For tips on designing beautiful and creative websites we recommend . Creating Killer Websites. There is an excellent book that goes with this site if your website is worth a $45 investment to you. This site has nothing to do with us. We came across it recently and learned some neat tricks for creating fast-loading, great looking sites and are happy to recommend it.

If you don't win, hey, it's only the opinion of our little committee. If we leave your site feeling refreshed, that something about your site is different or special and it affects us in a positive way you win. There is no point system. Just as a work of art is judged by the feeling it provokes so is your website. While, unlike other award sites, we don't disallow commercial sites we do judge them more harshly. For example, if you're a web site designer...people are paying good money for you to create spectacular sites, your site better be spectacular.

To apply, fill out the form below the Winners' List or E-mail us.

Winners' List
October winners are marked with an asterisk.

Matschca's Little Corner*
The BrambleVine*
Shrine of Megatron*
Jake and Justin's Home*
Music, Madness And Mayhem*
Gadzillion Things to Think
Welcome to Swampy Acres
EleKtrA's ComPleXiTy
Chelsea F.C.
THE END ZONE: Texas Longhorn Football
Spice Girls Parlour
Chunks of Life
Matthew LoBato's Home Page
Adhra's Magic Touch
in-site: the electronic voice of teens
Background City
Michael & Sharon's Place
Field Galleries
Dixon Hamby Photography/Design
Jennifer Jae: Homepage
Ellen Denham, soprano
Steven Sia's Homepage
The Rebirth of Hell
Spice Centre
The Graphix Shop
Guard Agricultural Research
Patricia Hord Graphik Design
Chrystal's Homepage
Justine's Place
Mike's Page
Medical Breakthroughs
SingNite : Entertainment in Singapore
Hackers Co!
The Khan*
Meanwhile, back at the Farm...
Youth department of Republic Slovenia
The Fine Site
Cultura - Par
page o' nothingness
H.T.S. (Heavy Traffic Syndrome): The World Wide Web Page of Nick Ian K
Orbit Webdesign
Beaner's Web Creations!
A Year to Remember...
Mission Burritos
web foot
Jennifer's Beautiful, Wonderful Homepage
N0-Bil's Rottweilers
The Call Project
Salman Arif's Home Page
The Forest
Suzanne's Place
X-103.9 - Alternative Rock
Chris's Homepage
Lawrence Rachleff's Home
Jean Beaulieu's Art Gallery
By The Bay's Business
Dominica Online
The Beer Page
Wild Perceptions Photography
Cheese Factory Of Fun And Love
First Worldwide Yellow Pages
The Immortal's Tomb
Robbyn's Home Page
CyberLove and Friends
Create 8 * Fonts*
extreme design*
FOCUS Associates - Business and Marketing Consulting*
Extended Care Information Network, Inc*
Bollywood Central*
Avtotehna VIS Home Page
Fay Studios
Third Eye Graphics
Bollywood UK
Pakistan Online
Five Winds Designs
The Stroz Knows
Agates the Rock Group
Sarah's ArchAngel Page
The Birdcage
Greedy People
Matthew's Homepage
Duane Hocum's Home Page DELUXE
Brain NET
Elaine's Hepatitis C Resource Page
Mystic Realm
Rune's Home Page
Miss Ginger's Home
John's Page
Club Christo
House Communications
Brigitte Zaczek
Mike's Place
Maeve's Midnight Mecca
Strachan's Home Page
Gardar's Homepage
ElsuperCow's Home Page
TG Lee's Homepage

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