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The FROGMAN welcomes you to his homepage.

Thanks for surfacing here. This page is for gay men (especially BEARS) who are turned on by divers and their gear, men who wear rubber suits, boots, gloves, gas masks and other heavy black industrial equipment. If you find these ideas offensive, please go away. If, on the other hand, you're excited about the image of hot men in rubber, then stick around and come back often.

Since I built this page on August 1st, 1996, alot of guys have visited here and some have been kind enough to write me--most of you to wonder why it has taken so long to do an update! Thanks to all of you who did. Help me improve the quality here by dropping some e-mail. Let me know if you share this point of view, because obviously some of you do!

THE FROGMAN'S PAGE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!...but it's a lot like watching the hands of a clock move. Since I last modified these pages on August 20th, 2002--yeah, I know, it's been a LONG time--there have been enormous changes in my life. What remains constant, however, is my commitment to FROGMEN everywhere. Write me if you share this passion and let's explore together.

If you like heavy duty rubber...

This is a place for men (especially Bears; did I mention how much I like Bears?) who live in heavy black industrial rubber or who lust after the men who do. Navy frogmen and commercial divers in scuba and deep-sea gear, hazmat handlers in breathing apparatus, sewer workers in hipboots and gas masks... If you've read this far, you know what I'm talking about: your breathing is getting a little shallow and you're reaching for that National Geographic with the pix of Navy divers at the polar ice cap. Just the thought of this gear excites you, and some carefully chosen visuals can really get your motor going. If you've never dived before, just imagine how the taste and smell of a diver could stiffen your resolve (that's the thing between your legs). I know you grew up thinking you were the only one, because I did, but now you know better. There are a lot of FROGMEN out there; so suit up, stand up, jerk off and be counted.

Diving is a total sensory experience. You feel the tightness of your full suit, the straps of your tank and weight belt. Taste the mouthpiece and smell the pungent mix of rubber and sweat building up between you and your second rubber skin; hear the mechanical surge of air on its way to your lungs. Look at your buddy and know that he's looking right back at you. Become one with him and the gear. OK; so you've geared up and got wet before. I just hope now that the next time you do, these pages of mine will heighten the experience.

Some of us mourn the disappearance of black. Viking "international orange" and Aquala green are hot, no doubt about it; but whoever thought the new candy-ass "fruit salad" colors were a good idea had his head someplace warm and dark. Some folks have already hinted that I'm being puritanical, but in my view no self-respecting diver would be seen in a lime green suit, hot pink tank and tangerine mask. Go ahead, call me old fashioned. Demand your gear in basic black (though my friend in the yellow Dręger outfit on the Diver Pix Page makes me think otherwise). Whatever gear turns you on, wear it with pride and the conviction that divers really do it deeper.

Not every guy wants to be a FROG. All of us cross the line one time or another into similar scenes--like hazmat gear, asbestos removal suits, or firemen's turn out gear. The people I meet through the web convince me that variety is important. So I've started a HazMat and Firemen's Page for some new friends who are expanding my horizons. Thanks, guys.

Let's talk gear, fuckers!

Diving gear is my favorite topic of conversation. Granted, rubber is a pretty diverse fetish and diving gear only a narrow segment of it. But that doesn't mean we each don't have strong preferences for particular brands of gear. Take fins for example--stiff black rubber. Convince me they don't excite you big time. They're the boot fetish of the diving world, the Wesco crotch-high engineers of scuba. The size, weight, and shape of my ScubaPro "Giant Jetfins" turn me on like no other fin can. Others are wimps by comparison.

Then there are suits, wet or dry, nylon, neoprene or vulcanized, not to mention canvas for you guys in hard hats. If you haven't already noticed, I'm a fan of the drysuit (and the divers who wear them!): Viking, Nokia, DUI, Aquala, just so long as it's black and has attached hood and boots. I've been seeing some pretty hot photos of guys in various suits. Tell me about yours and why you'd never give it up.

What about breathing gear--hoses, tubes, valves, clamps, straps, mouthpieces, oral/nasal cups...? Scuba or surface supplied. Single or twin tanks. One- or two-hose regulators. Full face masks are more affordable now, with the AGA and EXO models. (An EXO and Widolf show up on my own photo page.) Right now, I'd almost give my left nut to dive a rebreather. Anybody out there got one you'd be willing to let me try? Eventually, I'd like to set up a page of gear types where we can explore this fascination with the imagery of divers.

What would you like to see on this page?

This is a place for you to share your rubber experience with other guys. What are the words and images that turn you on? I'd like to see it become a forum for our small corner of the fetish world, a place where frogmen meet and exchange ideas. With your help, there could be

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Now it's up to you. Suit up, strap on that tank, breathe deep through your full-face mask, anddrop me a line. I've already met some interesting guys from MN, WI, IL, ME, MI, MS, NY, NJ, PA, GA, CA, TX, WA, BC, ON, Bermuda, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Malaysia, and Hong Kong; I'd like to make your acquaintance too.

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